Pioneer DJM-450 Review

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Pioneer DJM-450 Review

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The DJM-450 is a 2 channel mid-range Pioneer mixer with Rekordbox capabilities. It sits above the DJM-350 and offers some familiar features that are found on the DJM-900NXS2. This mixer doesn’t come cheap, but it makes up for the price with its excellent pro-grade onboard effects and excellent build quality.

A Taste of the Best

In the past, most mid-range mixers lacked the quality features that you would come to expect in flagship mixers. Because of this, bedroom DJs and small club owners were limited to just blending tracks together.

Modern DJs want extra performance and effect features. Its features like these that allow DJs to give each set its own original identity. And in doing so, it also assists DJs in developing their very own unique playing style.

We see this with big-name DJs who have unlimited methods of carving out sets filled with tracks that we love, yet those sets are unique to each DJs playing style.

In most cases, the reason for this unique spin on DJ sets is because high-end DJ mixers like Pioneer’s DJM-900NXS2 have tons of features and options for DJs to completely manipulate the sound that passes through the mixer.

Now, Pioneer has recognized the need for such high-end features and functionality in bedrooms and clubs. Modern DJs have a modern playing style that demands high-quality effects and performance features, which is why Pioneer packed those features into its mid-range DJM-450.

DJM-450 Features

The DJM-450 inherits a ton of features from Pioneer’s flagship DJM-900NXS2. From sound color and beat effects to the excellent return/send section that allows you to connect a tablet or smartphone that has an effects app such as the Pioneer RMX1000 app.

Features include:

  • 2 channel mixer with Line/phono RCA input and an additional AUX input section
  • Sound color FX
  • Beat FX
  • Magvel Fader
  • Send/Return which allows you to connect effects units and performance hardware like drum machines, or an iPad or iPhone running apps like the Pioneer RMX-1000 app
  • Rekordbox DJ and DVS software

The DJM-450 might seem like a simple 2 channel mixer. However, it does have additional inputs if you count the send/return and the AUX sections.

The send/return section allows DJs to get a bit more creative with their sets by adding additional hardware to their setup. By adding a drum machine or a hardware effects unit, you will be able to truly create your own sound in your sets.

If you are not looking to invest in additional hardware, then you could still try using software emulations of real hardware by hooking up a smartphone or tablet to the send/return section.

DJs who are big on taking requests will be pleased with the additional AUX input located on the top left corner of the mixer. The AUX section allows you to connect another audio source in addition to the two available channels.

The AUX section can serve as a third channel on the DJM-450 and is perfect for hooking up an RCA to 3.5mm headphone jack cable. If someone has a song on their phone that they want you to play, they can merely plug in and play.

Build quality

The DJM-450 has a full metal build that is reminiscent of high-end Pioneer DJ gear. It also has high quality and durable knobs and faders, which makes this mixer a durable and robust package.

The full metal build is something that Pioneer DJ controllers lack, with their plastic build quality, which is why the DJM-450 feels like proper pro DJ gear. You get the sense that this mixer can really withstand a lot of abuse from overzealous DJs.

The DJM-450’s build quality makes it an excellent piece of home DJ gear. Especially if you are looking to stick with this mixer long term, this well put together package won’t break easily and should be able to serve bedroom DJs for the years to come.

The same can be said for club owners looking to invest in a high-quality mixer. The DJM-450 will probably be able to withstand more usage from DJs than other more affordable 2 channel mixers.


The DJM-450 is a mixer that gives DJs a wide variety of setup options. Unlike traditional 2 channel mixers that only allowed you to hookup two decks and a mic, the DJM-450 has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Apart from the 2 audio channels, there’s a send/receive section and an AUX input section. You can also connect to a laptop running Pioneer’s Rekordbox software.

Each channel has line and phono inputs, which means that you can connect CDJs or classic turntables. Turntablists can spin regular vinyl records or use timecoded vinyl to play digital tunes off the included Rekordbox DVS software.

The only crucial connectivity feature missing from the DJM-450 is the ‘booth out’ terminal. This is a pro feature that many club setups use. The reason for Pioneer leaving this feature out is because the target market for this mixer may not need it.

That being said, the DJM-450 does have master XLR outputs that will allow you to connect the mixer to high-quality club setups.


Fully featured pro-grade mixer. Both novice and pro users will appreciate the DJM-450 for its pro effects taken straight from the DJM-900NXS2.

Build quality. Excellent all-metal build with rugged knobs and faders. The DJM-450 looks like it was built to take a beating.

Connectivity. This 2 channel mixer has additional inputs that give you tons of setup options. It works with traditional CDJ and turntable setups and can also work with DVS setups.


Still expensive. The price is what you would expect from any pro-grade piece of Pioneer gear.

No booth output. Not necessarily a deal-breaker. However, this is a valuable pro feature that is missing from the DJM-450.


The DJM-450 is a competent 2 channel mixer that has the potential to fit into almost any DJs setup. It also has pro effects features that are straight out of Pioneer’s flagship DJM-900NXS2 mixer. Because of this, DJs now have a cheaper mixer that they can practice with at home before using the same effects routine on a flagship mixer at a gig. The DJM-450’s robust design is a massive bonus for those looking to play on this mixer for the years to come.

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