KRK ROKIT 8 G4 Review

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KRK ROKIT 8 G4 Review

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The KRK ROKIT fourth generation monitors are setting new standards with a unique combination of intelligent design and superb build qualities. KRK are well known for their high-end audio performance and stylish looks and with over one million units sold, you’ll find them to be incredibly reliable to give you the audio accuracy that you require. The previous third generation ROKITS were a big hit with everyone from bedroom musicians to professional producers. It looks like the new G4 series monitors are going to find their way into those very same environments again.

The new features in the ROKIT 8’s make it easy for beginners to get professional sounds quickly and the professionals will love the App integration and advanced EQ settings. A compact and powerful monitor that can adapt to its surroundings? Yes, please!

8” Kevlar High-Performance DSP Monitors

The ROKIT 8’s fit right into the modern day with their state-of-the-art features and high-end audio. KRK are renowned for tweaking the finest of details until their audio goals have been met. These G4 ROKITS are a leading example of what the future of monitoring looks like.

These monitors are loaded with an 8” woofer and 1” tweeter which are both made of Kevlar. The decision to use this rigid material is one of the defining features of KRK’s new monitor range. You can expect low-distortion and excellent audio quality across the whole frequency range.

The 203 Watts of power available in the ROKIT 8’s will suit those working, mixing, and mastering in bigger studios. The extra power and bass that they offer over the G4 ROKIT 5’s and 7’s will give you a little more room to work on those deep basslines and bass heavy tracks.

Much like the rest of the ROKIT G4 series, you’ll find that the 8’s are active monitors equipped with Class D internal amplifiers. Using active monitors with internal amps means less cables and that makes for an easier setup, not to mention that it looks a lot neater as well!

The Class D amp has also been used for another reason and that’s because of the optimized cool temperatures it operates at, so no more worrying about overheating. These ROKIT monitors will easily withstand your long sessions whilst continuing to give you high-end audio.

Add to this the built-in brick wall limiter and you’ve got yourself an excellent foundation for a monitor. The limiter ensures that your sound is always well-rounded and it will engage just before you max out the monitors which will save any damage to those premium Kevlar drivers!

State-Of-The-Art Technology

The ROKIT 8’s give you superb high-end performance but they’ll also look great sitting in your studio setup. The black and yellow colors are stylish and KRK has kept to this familiar and popular design. Saying that, the G4 series will also be available in a white and yellow design.

The sleek unit enclosure is designed to give perfect low-end frequencies and we have to say that this is where the ROKITS come to into their own. The deep bass tones are pure and you’ll struggle to find a better monitor that deals with bass frequencies than the ROKIT G4 series.

The front-firing port is a consistent design with the current ROKIT monitors and this enables you to place them up against walls without losing any sound quality whatsoever. It’s a small yet useful design feature that gives you more options when deciding your studio and monitor layout.

Vibrations are a common issue with monitors and at times can make high-end designs sound like cheap budget knockoffs. KRK includes a set of acoustic iso-foam pads with the ROKIT monitors and these sit underneath to reduce any vibrations and ultimately, enhance your sound.

The circuitry of the ROKIT 8’s is where modern technology really takes a hold. The KRK design team has included a collection of features that give users a lot more freedom and flexibility. The ability to automatically optimize your surroundings or fine-tune your settings are both available.

The DSP (Digital Signal Processing) is an advanced piece of technology that gives you instant professional sound settings. Take away the guesswork and let the DSP automatically optimize the EQ settings to your rooms environment, whether it’s a bedroom or a fully functioning studio.

The LCD screen on the back panel gives you instant real-time analysis and you can also choose from 25 preset EQ settings. It’s a useful feature and a great way to quickly check up on your setup if you feel something is amiss in your sound.

The KRK App is an excellent feature that gives you the ability to adjust your monitor settings from your smartphone or tablet. Available on both Android and iOS you can manage your EQ settings, subwoofer levels, crossover settings, and calibrate your system quickly and easily.

The ROKIT 8’s come with an XLR/1/4” combination jack. Using this jack you can easily connect your monitors to your audio interfaces or main mixing desk. You can also quickly connect to any devices such as your smartphone, tablet or even laptop and computers, giving you full flexibility.


The KRK ROKIT 8 G4 monitors will be flying off the shelves and landing in many studios around the world. The value for money cannot be beaten.

All of the new features along with the existing popular design will make this series from KRK a huge hit. The 8” woofer is a perfect middle ground for those wanting a balance of power and control. The Kevlar material is a masterful touch and gives an unparalleled audio quality.

Listen to the sound and you’ll feel like you’re using monitors worth a lot more than what you paid. It’s hard to see how KRK has managed to squeeze all of these features into this budget but we’re not complaining! It will give their competitors a wake up call and that’s only good news for us as more competition between brands means even better products.

High quality monitors, state-of-the-art features, excellent value for money.

The KRK ROKIT 8 G4 gives us everything that we are looking for. Modern technology is continually pushing the limits of audio and the music production industry in general. It’s exciting times and it looks like KRK is intent on leading the budget monitor design with these excellent ROKIT G4 monitors.

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