JBL LSR305 Review

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JBL LSR305 Review

For JBL’s most recent 5″ studio monitor in the 3-Series, see the JBL 305P.

For years, the name JBL has been know for excellent sound and reliability for audiophiles.

Ever since their foundation, JBL has produced and designed loudspeakers for cinema, recording studio, arena, automobile, and home use. All of which proved to be of superb quality which made them earned their reputation for this industry. The 3 series, consisting of LSR305, LSR308, and LSR310S.

These products are first to incorporate the new technology of JBL, the Image Control Waveguide. It aims to provide increased HF Detail, an expansive soundstage, and a broad sweet spot.

JBL LSR305 Features

The 3 series, with the use of JBL’s new technology and high-performance transducers, produces precise, accurate and detail sound. The sound is said to have depth and dimension because its stereo panorama extends beyond the speakers. These series provide impressive deep bass and smooth high-frequency response that goes beyond the range of human hearing because of its long-throw woofer and damped woven composite tweeter. All of these offers are for consumers who either can’t or don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want high-end specs and audio quality.

LSR305 as part of the 3 series is the answer for any serious audio engineer or music producer. It is a 5’’ two-way powered studio monitor. It has its built-in amp. Furthermore, it has distinct features like Image Control Waveguide, the well-known JBL transducers, the JBL patented slipstream low-frequency port design, professional balanced inputs, LF Trim and LF Trim “TRIM” switches and most especially, JBL’s professional reliability. Each speaker weighs 4.6 kg with dimensions of 298 mm x 185 mm x 9.88 mm and it has an AC input of 100-240 VAC +/- 10% 50/60.


The Amazing Waveguide

The Image Control Waveguide which was developed purposely for JBL’s new flagship M2 Master Reference Monitor is working sufficiently well.  It is very efficient for precise and accurate audio representation because it creates a detailed and dimensional stereo image. This is helpful especially on projects or works that need extensive attention.

Wide Sweet Spots

This specific feature aims to deliver a neutral sound throughout the whole room regardless of its characteristics. It allows an individual to change the mix without the need of being in front of the speakers thus providing comfort and easy access.

Famous JBL Transducer

JBL LSR305’s magnetically-shielded transducers along with its 5” woofer and, 1” dome tweeter are designed to improve bass response. The transducers, woofer, and tweeter are bi-amplified by dedicated 41W amps which allows it to distribute sound more consistently across a wider area.

Low-Frequency Port Design

The JBLSR305 uses the exquisite JBL’s patented Slip Stream low-frequency port which gives an accurate bass response at low playback levels. Low-frequency extension and reduced turbulence are products of the double-flared shape of the port which was accurately engineered.

Selectable Input Sensitivity

Users may find themselves worried about input overload when connecting their high output gears to their speakers. But with JBL LSR305’s -10 dB/+4 dB sensitivity switch, users are guaranteed that JBL LSR305 is compatible with a wide range of signal sources. Hence, users do not have to worry with any input overload issues anymore.

LF and HF Trim Switches

It gives the choice of fine-tuning the lows and highs to compensate the acoustics of the room the speakers are placed, program material and the owner’s taste.

JBL’s Professional Reliability

Over the years, JBL has proved to the consumers of their reputation of providing high-quality speakers for a reasonable price. It has touched the hearts of many audiophiles and gained themselves of ample loyal supporters. These speakers specifically underwent an arduous 100-hour power test which means that the speakers were played for 100 hours continually without failure.


Despite the many distinct and appealing qualities of the LSR305, there are still qualities that are tending to be an issue with this product. For instance, a hissing sound can sometimes be heard and the size of the speaker is not so suitable for a small desktop.

There are instances wherein a small hissing sound can be heard from the speakers. The hissing sound happens when the amp or the volume is turn up or after playing the speaker for a long time or even when the speakers are idle. It doesn’t bother that much because it could only be heard if your ears are right next to the speaker. Fortunately, the hissing sound is minimal and cannot be heard when you’re one foot away.

Big Size and Vented Design

The size of the speaker has been an issue for some especially for those who don’t have big desks. They occupy a large space thus leaving a little room for some stuff. The vented design also made it hard for some to properly position it on their desks. Furthermore, some needed to use a stand and some find the design of the speakers less appealing.

Volume and Power Switch on the rear

The placement of the volume and power button has been an issue for some. This is because the volume and power switch is placed in the rear. It requires additional effort to change the volume of the speaker and to turn it on and off. It would have been more efficient if the power and volume switch were placed in front. Furthermore, since the switches are ported in the rear, one should be careful when positioning the speakers to walls.


JBL’s LSR305 is quite a good buy, especially with its price range. It offers great clarity and sound adequately for small rooms. This is great for those who want to experience great quality music without spending so much. The slight hiss issue does not matter much because it could only be heard at a close range. The new technology used here really worked out well. The price gives justice to its quality. JBL has proven again that it is worthy of its reputation.

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