JBL 305P MkII Review

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JBL 305P MkII Review

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In recent years, JBL has released promising speakers that has taken the industry by storm.

The company has always managed to capture the hearts of many audiophiles, hobbyists, and professionals. The release of the previous three series has been successful.

Now, JBL manufactures a new set of speakers that aims to shock its market.

This new set of speakers is set to use JBL’s patented technology – Image Control Waveguide. This technology has garnered the interest of many individuals because of its promising results.

JBL 305P MkII Features

The MkII series comes in different sizes for people with different needs and choices: the 305P MkII is a 5 inches powered two-way monitor; the 306P MkII is a 6 inches powered two-way monitor; and the 308P MKII is an 8 inches powered two-way monitor.

These series of speakers aimed to sound better, look better, and produce more transparent sound in even more production environments. These speakers are manufactured to fit the studios and pockets of the following crowd.


Image Control Waveguide

These series use the innovative waveguide that was developed for the new flagship M2 Master Reference Monitor. This technology enables an individual to hear clear quality sounds which help to create accurate sonic judgments that help to produce sound recordings that are far better.

This patented innovative technology also makes sure that the transition between the low and high-frequency transducers are faultless, producing high-quality sound.

The waveguide, which looks like a horn, is placed around the tweeter. This technology is also responsible for the sweet spot, which means that no matter where you are in the room, the sound produced by the speaker would be still even.

Furthermore, in a complicated mix, small details can be heard; this is the reason why these speakers have gained their undisputable reputation of providing high-quality speakers.

New Boundary EQ settings

When using the speakers in desktops or near walls, there are instances wherein the low frequency gets messed up because of the interaction of the speakers with the boundaries. The use of the new boundary EQ setting will help restore the neutrality in the low-frequency area.

It has 3-position HF Trim that will allow the user to adjust the high-frequency response enabling the user to tailor the speakers to the acoustics of the room or by the user’s taste. This provides a better experience of utilizing the use of this product.

Improved transducers

These series of speakers have transducers that are widely improved. It has a 5-inch diameter woofer and the patented JBL slipstream low-frequency port. It also uses a 1 inches Neodymium tweeter.

In addition to these, JBL engineers took the bar high with the usage of fined-tuned ferrofluid damping. Ferro-fluid damping is used to cool but also to dampen the motion of the tweeter for a superior transient response.

These set of new speakers have impressive deep bass with low harmonic distortion because of the innovative technologies that it possesses. This speaker ensures high-definition and highly dimensional stereo image. It also improved the transient response and the linearity of the speakers.

Sleek design

The 305P MKII has a new sleek design. It has its new glossy look on the front around the tweeter and a matte finish around the speaker. It looks classy for those individuals who dig for shiny things and those who are tired of the all-matte finish look for their speakers.

The speaker weighs 4.73 kg. It has dimensions of 298 x 185 x 231 mm. The speaker is a little heavy for its size, but this is not a bad thing.

It uses 60Hz of voltage. Its sound level can reach 108dB. It is more than enough for a small studio and sufficient for a medium-sized studio.

JBL Professional Reliability and Integrity

The design of the speaker has been the product of JBL’s acoustic expertise to produce a refined studio monitor at an outstanding value. Over the years, JBL has proven itself of its capabilities and integrity. They have continued to pursue excellence in its highest form.

JBL produced high-quality speakers in different price ranges, catering to a whole lot of people. The strict production and quality control make the speakers high quality and fault-proof. Before being approved for production, this series must pass the JBL’s strenuous power test.

The JBL’s strenuous power test is a quality control procedure of JBL wherein each model is required to perform efficiently at maximum volume for 100 hours without failure. With these, every avid supporter of JBL can rest assured that the speakers they use are of high quality.

Magnetically Shielded

The 305P series speakers have a magnetic shield that protects it from the influence of the external magnetic field. Shielded speakers allow a speaker to be placed together without creating a humming sound.


Dust Magnet

The 305P MKII series has different design compare to the old speakers produced. The design looks fancy, but it is an issue for other people. The shiny area requires additional work because dust particles accumulate in the area.


The speaker sounds good, there is no denying to that, but there are cases where some buyers complained about the hissing sound. Unfortunately, like the previous version of the series, the issue of hissing sound is not eliminated.

There are accounts where buyers complain of hearing a hiss even though they are already 2 meters away from the speaker. Furthermore, reducing the level of the speaker is said to be no help at all.


JBL 305P MKII is definitely worth the hype. It lived up to its name. The new technology that this speaker has is top quality. Although it has some features obtained from the previous series, its new technologies and features are good buys. It produces sounds that are specific in quality and center image that is very solid. The horizontal dispersion is top-notch. Despite the similarities with the previous series, this series of speakers are worth a try. They offer some new features that are quite appealing. Furthermore, the price is lower compared to those very high-end speakers.

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