ADAM Audio T7V Review

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ADAM Audio T7V Review

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Adam T-series is an innovative solution of 2018. German manufacturers demonstrate that high-quality studio monitors do not have to be expensive. New T-series delivers premium technologies of the famous brand sticking to the affordable price point.

Today ADAM T-series features the most affordable studio monitors from the ADAM Audio. The series includes two models, with slight differences in size and woofers.

In this review we are going to break down ADAM T7V monitors. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the monitors and their specific features.

Adam T7V — What are they all about?

Adam Audio T7V has challenged conventional thoughts about the budget studio monitors. This new model is a successful result of implemented high-end technologies from the flagship S-series into the budget line.

Adam T7V is an active 2-way near-field monitor, featuring a mix of compact dimensions with high performance. Its selling point is crystal clear middle and high frequencies, as well as state-of-the-art materials.

ADAM Audio T7V monitors reproduce decent sound for this price tag, allowing you to solve complex mixing and recording challenges. Timbral accuracy allows you to spot any detail at both low and high volume.

For relatively budget model, the sound of the T7V really stands out among other monitors of this price range, delivering non-distorted and neutral sound. So, what exactly makes them so special?

Cutting-edge Technologies

Apart from other innovations inherited from the premium series, engineers also incorporated flagship U-Art tweeters into the Adam T7V model. Branded tweeter loaded in the HPS-waveguide which is similar to the one in the flagship models. This system provides natural sound and uniform dispersion of the sound waves throughout the high-frequency spectrum.

Adam monitors are equipped with an active bi-amp class D amplification system, which is highly efficient and cost-effective. A smart DSP crossover ensures consistency between the tweeter and woofer frequency spectrum. 7-inch woofer can reproduce low frequencies from 39 Hz.

Elaborate design approach of the T7V monitor makes it versatile for different applications. There are XLR and RCI inputs for balanced and unbalanced connection. 3-position high and low pass filters are provided. Due to this, you can easily adapt them to the acoustics of your room.

There is no power saving mode in the T7V. This mode was regularly shutting down speakers on a weak signal. With T7V you can work at a quiet volume without worrying about a sudden shutdown.


Let’s start off with the cherry on the top — the tweeter and HF register. This non-aggressive, airy, and detailed sound will not leave you disappointed. If you are into rock/indie genres, you’ll hear that clear, wide range cymbals and hi-hat click. The details of reverb, guitars, delay are so transparent and eloquent.

As it was mentioned, due to the waveguide shape and technology of the tweeter, you’ll be able to spot the positioning of every instrument in the space. Which is just as great for monitoring and arrangement.

As for the MF, they are aggressive, sharp, and you can hear separation between the multiple instruments, be it guitars, synths, or percussion. It’s also worth mentioning that MF and HF are not glued together, and you can hear the depth between them.

Dimensions of the cabinet and full-fledged 7-inch woofer do deliver voicing to the lower register, but if you are working with EDM, pop music, the sound may be lackluster for you. It is sort of on the back of the mix and not as punchy as it should be when working with electronic genres.


A traditional 7-inch speaker with a polypropylene cone and a rubber suspension is used as a woofer. The diameter of the cone including suspension is 7 inches. Class D amplifier juices the woofer with 50 Watts of power.

Wide low-frequency range from 60 Hz and complete absence of any resonances — unlike the other monitors of this budget — enable you to successfully monitor lower register frequencies.

As for the high range spectrum, Adam T7V offers an unbeatable sound quality thanks to flagship accelerated-ribbon tweeter (ART). This cutting-edge technology draws air back and forth four times faster than in other budget monitors of this price range. 1.9-inch tweeter with 20 Watts of power is the selling point of the monitors.

ADAM Audio T7V U-ART Tweeter

Anselm Goertz, academic at the TU Berlin Faculty of Audio Communication mentioned “As expected, the T7V presents a neutral sonic picture. The speaker manages to reproduce the individual sources precisely and with high resolution, depicting the high frequencies accurately…”

Frequency Range, EQ, and Connection

You can use either balanced connection via the XLR cable or an unbalanced connection, an RCA cable is provided. Control panel on the back allows you to adjust the input sensitivity and separate equalization at high and low frequencies (+/-2 dB).

This option will come you handy for adjusting monitors to your room space. For example, when setting up your monitors, you may need to place them about 7 inches between the back of the monitor and the wall, so you may need to adjust the level to -2 dB for LF.

ADAM Audio T7V Back Panel

To match the signal level between different types of connection, a fixed level of the input signal is provided. +4 dB for XLR connection and -10 dB for RCA.

The working range of the monitors is 50 Hz — 20 kHz. Adjustment of high frequencies is from 3 kHz. The low frequency range is adjustable below 300 Hz.


  • Balanced, wide range sound
  • Well defined high and middle frequencies.
  • Impressive stereo image in the triangle spot
  • Great value for the price
  • Additional shelf filters for HF and LF
  • Non-distorted sound on high volume


  • Rear ported design and knobs for filter adjustment on the back
  • Lacking in LF response
  • As any other monitors, T7V depends on the room environment
  • Loose volume knobs


Adam Audio T-series has acquired features that were previously unthinkable for budget monitors. Incorporated flagship technologies ensure enhanced frequency coverage and reduced reflections.

These new monitors can be affordable and effective solution for sound engineers, composers, rock/metal/ indie producers, musicians. They are also suitable for broadcast stations or home studios.

If you’re an avid audiophile and have a penchant for punchy loud music, these monitors can also meet your expectations. They won’t hurt your ears and you can crank it up to eleven listening to your favorite music.

With all the technical innovations, these budget monitors are a great bang for your buck!

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