ADAM Audio T5V Review

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ADAM Audio T5V Review

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A new pair of ADAM Audio T5V monitors supersedes the discontinued F series. Today these monitors are the most affordable studio acoustics from the flagship manufacturer. This model conceals high potential on a budget as well as cutting-edge features.

Developed in Germany, the ADAM Audio T5V monitors include design and technical innovations ensuring accurate dispersion characteristics and high dynamic range.

Adam Audio T5V Features


Adam Audio T5V is equipped with polypropylene 5 inch woofer (50 W) and Accelerated Ribbon 1.9 inch U-ART tweeter (20 W) with HPS Waveguide. The monitors price tag is quite attractive even for ADAM Audio.

With a 5-inch woofer, the low frequencies in the T5V are expanded to 45 Hz. The new U-ART tweeter is a state-of-the-art solution for professional recording and monitoring at home. It reproduces frequencies up to 25 kHz, and the waveguide has the same characteristics and frequency coverage as the flagship S-series.

Thus, a wide area of clear sound is created in front of the monitors, and during the mixing process you will not have to be firmly chained to the one spot to hear all the details.

Acoustic Design

An edgy-shaped cabinet with a porting on the rear panel and overall portability allows you to easily place T5V monitors in a room of any size. The cabinet itself is made out of MDF material. The walls inside are additionally treated with padding polyester.

Acoustically optimized geometry of the cabinet reduces unwanted reflections and distortion of the sound. The small size (179 x 298 x 297 mm) and excellent price / quality ratio make these studio monitors ideal for mixing in small home studios or taking them on the road.

As Shawn Campbell once mentioned in the interview for ADAM Audio, you can take the whole orchestra with you and still have really good monitoring wherever you go to.

Frequency range, HF and LF filters

The frequency response graph is quite even. The middle range frequencies are close to perfection. The top is slightly raised, but for HF on 6 kHz+ there is a +/- 2 db shelf filter. Low frequencies, in fact, are distinguishable from 60 Hz, which is great for a budget monitors with 5 inch woofer. LF are also adjustable in the 100 Hz region by shelf filter.

Adam Audio T5V monitor has incorporated digital signal processing and Class D amplifier with RMS power of 70 W. At the same time, despite the built-in A/D converter, the monitors do not have a digital S / PDIF input.


The sound quality for a budget range monitors is impressive. Middle and high frequencies really stand out comparing to the direct competitors in this price range. Due to incredibly efficient design of Accelerated Ribbon U-ART tweeter, ADAM Audio T5V can produce neutral sound without excessive sharpness.

With some equalizer adjustment for HF, the sound can be even brighter. Although with the middle position of the HF filter, the high frequencies along with the MF deliver wideband tones and perform pretty well.

As for the middle frequencies, they are smooth and extended, which is perfectly audible if you do not add + 2db to the bass.

Despite the fact that the bass is adjustable and reproduce adequate sound for a 150$ monitor, don`t expect too much from it.  As any budget solution, it`s slightly echoing (depending on the treatment of the room) and a bit unassembled.

When you add these 2 dB on the equalizer, the sound picture may worsen depending on your room surrounding. If you place a monitor close against a wall, -2 db switch will come you handy. With reduced low frequencies, you`ll get an optimal sound that enables you to hear subtle nuances of your track.


ADAM Audio is a flagship company known for its high-end products and serious approach in the product design. In 2018 they decided to snug into the budget price range and deliver affordable, high-quality reference monitors.

Having combined state-of-the-art technologies and design standards, ADAM engineers were able to design a monitor that can easily compete with other mid-range studio monitors in terms of quality.

Christian Hellinger, CEO of ADAM Audio says “The engineering team at ADAM Audio was a given a challenge. We asked them for a range of nearfield monitors that will fit into tighter budgets without compromising the design standards that made ADAM a fixture in studios around the world. The T Series delivers with wide frequency response, low distortion, and precise dispersion control in a value-conscious solution.“

Thus, ADAM Audio T Series transcends the concept of a budget studio monitors. We can see completely different approach from the manufacturer, which is overtly opposed to the one in the other models of this price range.


In general, the ADAM Audio T5V monitors turned out to be quite flexible solution. It`s no-nonsense choice for everyone who`s looking for a first pair of monitors. The sound quality of the ADAM Audio T5V significantly stands out among other monitors of this price bracket.

Particularly due to the decent HF and MF region, state-of-the-art technologies, and completely different speakers.

  • Honest sound on a budget. Smooth and readable highs.
  • High quality materials and simplicity. Ribbon twitter, stylish logo, and no unnecessary annoying elements (luminous logo and indicators).
  • Functionality and features. You can easily switch between balanced XLR and non-balanced RCA cable. Shelf filters for LF and HF + – 2 dB included.
  • The price of $150 for 1 monitor is justified, given the advantages of the sound.


  • Low frequencies. The bass is a bit flawed and blurry, especially in a small untreated environment. But in this price segment it is hard to find something better.
  • White noise. At 0 dB you can hear white noise at half a meter from the monitor.
  • Bass port, volume level and filter controls on the rear panel. That way, it`s quite challenging to place them close to the wall.


The Adam Audio T5V is a budget solution designed to meet the needs of audio engineers around the world. Given its incredible price and quality ratio, these 2 way active monitors with 5 inch woofer and Ribbon 1.9 tweeter is a great option for the initial purchase.

If you are a bedroom producer and looking for your first pair of monitors on a budget, Adam T5V model can be your pass card in the world of song mixing and sound production.

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