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The ROKIT G4 monitors are KRK’s new series of budget-friendly studio monitors. The design builds on over 30 years of innovation and experience to produce what are clearly KRK’s most advanced monitors to date. A design that takes full advantage of today’s modern technology.

The ROKIT G4 series is made up of a family of four and today we’ll be looking at two of the most popular options, the ROKIT 5 and the ROKIT 8, both of which come packed full of audio optimization features, mobile App connectivity, and a sleek and modern-looking design.

So the big question is, which of these G4 monitors is the right choice for you? You can’t tell them apart from the looks and the audio features are identical. So we’ll be focusing on two important factors when mixing and producing music, the frequency range and overall power.

Side by Side Comparison

Power ConfigurationBi-ampedBi-amped
LF Driver Size5"8"
LF Driver TypeKevlar cone with rubber surroundKevlar cone with rubber surround
HF Driver Size1" tweeter1" tweeter
LF Driver Power Amp55W135W
HF Driver Power Amp20W68W
Frequency Response43Hz - 40KHz36Hz - 40KHz
Crossover FrequencyAdjustableAdjustable
Maximum Peak SPL104dB111 dB
Input Types1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4" TRS1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4" TRS
Enclosure TypeFront PortedFront Ported
Weight10.69 lb22.6 lb
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The only thing you would notice different when you line the ROKIT 5 and ROKIT 8 side by side is the size. Everything else follows the G4 series design with the Kevlar material in the woofer and tweeter, the smooth coated construction, and the state-of-the-art features and connectivity.

Apart from the size difference in the 8” and 5” woofers, the other main factor that separates these monitors is the power. The ROKIT 5’s produce 55 Watts whereas the ROKIT 8’s produce nearly four times as much with 203 Watts and this clearly outlines the true power of the 8’s.

As mentioned, you get all of the sound optimizing features on all G4 monitors so you’re not missing out if you opt for the smaller model like the ROKIT 5. The KRK App is available on both models and the balanced XLR/1/4” jack on the rear gives you plenty of connectivity options.

However, the frequency response is where most music producers will notice the audio quality. The 8’s offer a bass-heavy range of 36Hz – 40KHz while the 5’s offer a steady range of 43Hz – 40KHz. The difference in frequency range will be the major factor in your final decision.


The KRK ROKIT 5’s are the smallest in the G4 series but that doesn’t mean they lack any punch or power. You need to take into consideration the 5” woofer and 1” tweeter setup and of course they won’t get near the power of the ROKIT 8’s but these smaller monitors do serve a purpose.

Bedroom producers will find them perfect for squeezing into tight spaces and they look the part as well, as do all of the ROKIT G4 monitors. The Kevlar material holds an expensive look to it that defies the price you pay. The 5’s are perfect for beginners and small studio layouts.

The LCD screen with EQ graphs and the new and improved DSP gives the design that modern edge but it doesn’t stop there. KRK are using the latest technology and the multi-purpose KRK App is perfect for the modern producer in the way it optimizes and analyzes your music for you.

The G4 series monitors come with multiple connections and this makes them perfect for musicians and producers. You can hook up to audio interfaces or mixing desks quickly and easily which is essential for many of the multi-tasking music producers of today!

Pros of the ROKIT 5 G4

  • Professional audio performance
  • A dynamic range of frequencies with superior low end
  • Excellent use of DSP and LED screen for real-time EQ visualization
  • Useful app for analyzing your setup
  • Great value for money

KRK ROKIT 8 G4 Review

The ROKIT 8’s are your go-to monitors if you want quality audio and excellent value for money. The new G4 monitors are the next step up in KRK’s ROKIT series and the 8’s are the perfect choice for producers who are looking to mix bass-heavy music in larger studio spaces.

The Kevlar 8” woofer and 1” tweeter gives you low-distortion and a consistent audio quality across a wide frequency range. The choice of Kevlar is a huge step forward for the ROKIT design and you’re getting premium materials at such a low cost which is a huge plus point.

At 203 Watts, the ROKIT 8’s hold enough power for most users but you’ll only realize the full potential in larger spaces. Trying to squeeze the 8’s into a small bedroom is going to bring all sorts of sound issues so make sure you’ve got the right room and layout for these monitors.

KRK has loaded the G4 monitors with features like state-of-the-art DSP, a built-in brick wall limiter, real-time EQ visualizer and you can really start to see the true value of the G4 monitors. Taking the time to fine-tune these ROKIT 8’s will give you some seriously impressive results.

Pros of the ROKIT 8 G4

  • Professional KRK audio
  • Dynamic range of frequencies with a large “sweet spot”
  • State-of-the-art DSP with automatic environment optimizer
  • LED display with real-time EQ visualization
  • KRK App available for Android and iOS devices


Choosing between the two KRK G4 monitors should be fairly easy when you breakdown the important factors. The first factor being the different genres of music that you mostly listen to and produce. The second factor is the size of room that you are mixing in. If you can clearly define each of the these factors then your choice between the ROKIT 5 or ROKIT 8 should be an easy one. The ROKIT 5’s are suited to smaller studio layouts and more balanced genres like pop or vocal-dominant music. ROKIT 8’s are geared towards bass-driven music like Hip-Hop and EDM and the power they offer makes them more suited to larger rooms and studios.

It’s not as if buying the ROKIT 8’s for small rooms and music with less bass frequencies will equal bad music production. It’s just that you’ll find the higher reaches of the 8’s volume will become distorted and overbearing in a small space. The full potential of the monitor can’t be fulfilled and so the extra cash you spent on them will be a waste of money. Buying the right monitor for your personal situation is always your best option. Going for the biggest monitor just because you can afford it, is not always worth option. At the end of the day, your goal is to mix and produce the best music possible and working to your surroundings is key to reaching that goal. If you’re a bedroom producer then stick to the ROKIT 5’s and add a subwoofer if you ever find that you need some extra power. If you’re in a larger studio-type layout then don’t waste money on the 5’s because they won’t get you very far. Buy the monitor that has been designed and built for large spaces and you’ll be thankful when you need that extra bass and power!