ADAM Audio T5V vs KRK ROKIT 5 G4

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ADAM Audio T5V vs KRK ROKIT 5 G4

ADAM and KRK both offer value for money and professional audio quality when it comes to budget range monitors. If you’ve had the pleasure of using one or the other before, then I’m sure that you’d be more than happy staying loyal to the brand, but some of you might be sitting on the fence.

Well, if that’s the case, then read on as we pull apart the T5V and the ROKIT 5 G4 to find out what really makes each one so great. By the end, we’ll have hopefully given you enough information to make your decision. If not, you can take our word for it and go with our recommendation! Deal? Great, let’s begin…

Side by Side Comparison

ADAM Audio T5V Front KRK ROKIT 5 G4
Power ConfigurationBi-ampedBi-amped
LF Driver Size5"5"
LF Driver TypePolypropyleneKevlar cone with rubber surround
HF Driver Size1.9"1" tweeter
HF Driver TypeU-ART tweeter
LF Driver Power Amp50W55W
HF Driver Power Amp20W20W
Frequency Response45Hz-25kHz43Hz - 40KHz
Crossover Frequency3000HzAdjustable
Maximum Peak SPL≥106dB SPL @ 1m104dB
Input Types1 x XLR, 1 x RCA1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4" TRS
Enclosure TypeRear portedFront Ported
Weight12.6 lbs.10.69 lb
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The KRK ROKIT 5 and the ADAM Audio T5V are two popular monitors and from the outside there is not much to split them. If we had to choose, then the ROKIT’s do look slightly cooler sitting in the studio with their yellow kevlar woofers but the clean design of the T5V might suit your taste better?

It’s what they have inside that counts though and when we compare the audio quality we start to see some considerable differences. The ROKIT 5’s pack 55W in total compared to the 70W from the T5V which does count for a lot in smaller sized studio rooms.

The Kevlar material on the ROKIT 5 do make for less distortion but it’s the U-ART tweeter in the T5V that really pushes the audio quality and range up a notch. When you look at the difference in frequency response then it all starts to sway towards the ADAM monitor in quite a big way.

The huge 45Hz – 25kHz range compared to the adequate 43Hz – 40KHz is pretty huge in studio mixing terms. The T5V gives you so much more flexibility when it comes to working with different music styles and there will be no issues if you find yourself mixing bass heavy music.

The ROKIT 5 does come with a host of features and this is something that the ADAM monitor lacks. Sometimes these features are just for show and don’t really offer much in terms of improving your music, but the KRK App and EQ presets are very much welcomed here and they do make setting up your monitors a lot easier – a big plus for beginners.

ADAM Audio T5V

The ADAM T-Series has managed to redefine the budget monitor market with it’s attention to detail and premium components. You can’t fail to be impressed with any of the T-Series monitors and the smallest of the range, the T5Vs, still manage to pack a big punch.

The T5V monitor offers 70W of power through its 5” polypropylene woofer and 1.9″ U-ART tweeter, and it’s here that the monitor manages to outshine all other entry-level contenders. The components are borrowed from the high-end and advanced ADAM S-Series monitors.

The HPS (high-frequency propagation system) waveguide gives the monitor its famous broad sweet spot, again this technology coming straight from ADAM’s own S-Series. We’re not sure how they’re keeping the price tag in the budget bracket but we’re certainly not complaining!

The truth is this, the ADAM T5V is an absolute bargain when it comes to all round audio quality. It doesn’t come with a host of fancy features but it does offer amazing audio range, and that’s what we’re looking for when searching for studio monitors, right? Premium ADAM at budget prices!

Pros of the ADAM T5V

  • 2-Way Monitor with U-ART Tweeter
  • Premium HPS Waveguide
  • Rear-Firing Bass Port
  • 70W Class D Bi-Amp
  • Frequency sweet spot of 45Hz-25kHz
  • Analog XLR and RCA inputs


It’s no surprise to hear us say that the ROKIT 5’s have been one of the most consistent budget studio monitors on the market. The hundreds of reviews online prove this point and if you’ve ever used or listened to these monitors then you’ll know exactly what we and thousands of others are talking about.

The G4 Series carries on that form with the state-of-the-art KRK App and preset EQ levels features, giving you the very convenient option of optimizing your audio levels to your surrounding space. A deal breaker for those less-experienced as it makes setup simple and hassle-free.

In addition to the EQ presets and optimization app, the ROKIT 5’s offer a very reasonable 43Hz – 40KHz frequency response, considering we’re talking entry-level monitors here. The front-firing port and Kevlar woofer are just two more points that emphasize the quality in the KRK build.

Yes, the ROKIT 5’s are the smallest in the G4 family but don’t let that put you off because if you are after user-friendly monitors, then you won’t find many better in this price range. The onboard features make these the ideal choice for those starting out – superb value from the KRK brand.

Pros of the ROKIT 5 G4

  • Professional audio performance with a budget price tag
  • A dynamic range of frequencies with superior low end
  • 55W Class-D Bi-Amp
  • Real-time EQ visualization
  • KRK app for analyzing and optimizing your setup
  • All-round value for money


KRK and Yamaha had the entry-level studio monitor market all wrapped up not so long ago with their ROKIT and HS range, but ADAM’s new T-Series quite literally blows them out of the studio! If you’re on the lookout for budget monitors then you’re obviously looking where to find the best value for money. Comparing the ROKIT 5’s with the ADAM T5V has clearly shown us a new winner. The T5V comes with the same premium components used in a monitor several times its own price, this gives you audio range and frequency depth which is unheard of in sub-£500 monitors, let alone sub-£300.

Saying that, the ROKIT’s are still a superb piece of engineering and the fact that they come with the additional optimization and audio analysis features, we would be inclined to say that beginners should be considering these as a first option. Using the onboard features to take out the technical hassle of finding the right levels in the studio is going to be a life-saver for the inexperienced amongst us. However, if you know a little more about studio levels and room treatment then opting for the ADAM T5V monitors is a no-brainer for us. You’re getting professional high-end monitor technology with a much wider frequency range that will aid you in working on multiple music genres. Yes, you’ll end up paying slightly more for the pair over the ROKIT’s but the end result more than makes up for it in our opinion. As we said earlier, ADAM’s T-Series has redefined the entry-level studio monitor market and it’s going to take something very special to knock them off the top spot.